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The cruel awakening that greets many a newborn child into the world.  This metaphoric slap however, greets me on the first day of 2010 with the realization of the journey on which I have set out upon.  What have I chosen for myself, and what kind of idiot decides to commit to journal his 10 year attempts at mastering fitness, writing and photography, and possibly other things that come up during the decade?



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December 31, 2019, Tuesday, and I’m on the coast in a large American city, doing the circuit of live talk show appearances to discuss my latest blockbuster movie, or best selling novel, or the success of my work out program DVDs.  I’m on edge as the interviews begin, because I’m really excited about talking about the new and now, but the interviewers are always going back to this prediction.

How did I know ten years ago that I would be sitting here, talking to them, on this date, and about this success?
The answer seems so simple, and not at all extraordinary to me, or many of the others that understand the concepts I outlined in my DecaTrek during the ten years preceding the arrival of 2020.

I found myself at the end of 2009 successful in my technology career, yet unfulfilled.  What had interested me in the past, was no longer pushing my buttons. I had to make a decision to either continue on that course feeling numb, or make a conscious decision to do something about it.

Sure I knew the path was long, and the progress may be slow, but if I took a step every day toward those ends, I would hone the skills I wanted to master.  And once mastered, the application of those skills to write the breakthrough novel, the script that would turn into the blockbuster hit movie, or the work out routine that would help others achieve greater success transforming their bodies was practically assured.

Were there any times during the 10 years that I wanted to throw the towel in and give up?

Sure, of course, I’m human, not superhuman.  I’m not psychic either.  The truth I knew that kept me going, was that as a human, the further I was able to push toward honing my skills on a daily basis, would result in eventually cresting the zenith and become like sledding down a snow covered hill.  Look out, I’m coming through here now, make way, this thing doesn’t have breaks.

Was I afraid that my prediction was too bold, that I would be interviewed on their programs as the guy that failed to achieve his DecaTrek?  That I wouldn’t be a best selling author, or scriptwriter, or exercise guru?

Actually, no I wasn’t afraid, because that wasn’t my goal in the first place, it was just the societal phenomena that went along with achievement.  It didn’t really matter to me whether or not I achieved the successes I was predicting.  What mattered to me most was setting out on the journey, taking the steps, falling down, failing, and getting back up to take to more steps.

People are always fascinated in the stories of others that step forward to take control over their own existence.  Some people live entire lives not recognizing the hunger to believe in their own humanity.  They fill that hunger with all sorts of external things, from belief systems to reality numbing substances.

The fact that failure is your best friend, is a concept that is lost on too many of us humans.  Failure is what has made us who we are, has taught us what we know, has delivered us from the dark ages, and brought us blazing into the Twenty-First century.  Failure is the ground covered, the steps taken, the falls encountered, the cutting necessary to prune and direct our future toward success.  Without failure, we are sitting still or falling back.  We begin to rot.
I chose to fail, rather than rot.

If you are reading this entry before the New Year of 2020, I invite you to begin your own DecaTrek.
Set forth on your own journey to take a step a day, a week, a month toward improving your skill strength in an area of great interest to you.

I hope to share my failures with the world here on DecaTrek.com. My hope is that they will encourage you to start to fail on your own.  We walk a step, before we ever run a mile.

Happy New Year 2010, and let’s get this party started!

On Twitter, the hash tag #DecaTrek will be used to collect and chronicle the Trekkers and our journeys.  My email address is Trekker (at) DecaTrek (dot) com.

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